MG-RAST API available

A long time in the making the application programmers interface (API) for MG-RAST has now left beta status.

By opening MG-RAST up via a web services API (application programmers interface) we have greatly expanded access to MG-RAST data, as well as provided a mechanism for the use of third-party analysis tools with MG-RAST data. This RESTful API makes all data and data objects created by the MG-RAST pipeline accessible as JSON objects.

Our paper describing the API in PLoS Computational Biology is here.

The API entry point is:

Before you embark on a journey exploring the new capabilities, we’d like to mention:

  • we are fully committed to this API, it is what powers the web interface and will be the basis of any future development.
  • we note that programming skills are required to utilize the API, while we’d like to we cannot write the code to implement your analysis or query. We will however provide examples via github.
  • the API is versioned
  • we expect users to adhere to our terms of service.

Finally we’d like to thank the dozens of beta testers for their patience and helpful comments.

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