MG-RAST version 4.0 released today

Version 4.0 is here!

After several months of beta testing and significant user feedback, we have today released the new version at

The old version is still available at (note no new data will be available in the old version).

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Highlights of the new version include:

myData – access all your data in one place

The new myData page now summarizes all information about your data. It shows you your running jobs, completed studies, news and more. It is an entry point all main MG-RAST functionality. You can use the toggle bar at the top right to show and hide the different sections. Each section has links to a more detailed view or editor of the according data items. You can also use the search bar at the top to quickly find the datasets you are looking for.

analysis revamped

The new analysis page was built to cope with the growing size of datasets. Instead of waiting for the results of each parameter change, the complete abundance profiles of your selected data sets will be downloaded to your machine. You can then filter, drill-down, slice-and-dice your data all you want in an instant. Many different interactive visualizations are at your fingertips to explore your data. The plugin section offers additional tools to view your data.

Note that the RAM on your computer limits the number of data sets you can include in your analysis.

The profiles you downloaded can be saved to your harddrive and reloaded in a later session. This gives you instant access without the need to download from our server again.

MetaZen 2.0 — Improved metadata support with better feedback

Getting all set with the metadata for your project has just become a lot easier. The new version of metazen will give you direct feedback and input help when creating metadata spreadsheets. You can download the results in Excel format or just send them directly to your inbox.

metagenome overview and processing receipts

The metagenome overview page offers the data you are familiar with in a fresh look. Every bit of data now has provenance information, as well as multiple download options including the images as well as the data used to produce them. The technical details of the data progression through the MG-RAST pipeline is linked on the processing receipt page. It shows general information as well as details about every pipeline step.

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